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CLIRINX is an award-winning clinical research software company. We enable internet-based clinical research, precision medicine, team science and patient advocacy groups accelerate the discovery of new cures and better treatments.

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Electronic Data Collection (EDC)  |   Genetic Variant Tracker  |   Big Data (Amazon AWS)  |   Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Compliance with Standards

Our systems and processes will support your compliance efforts.

Protecting your Data

Security measures include SSL (encryption), encryption of data at rest, unique user names and passwords, role based access, full audit log and data change history, version controlled CRFs and study documents, restricted/encrypted PHI fields, two-factor authentication, IP/geolocation restrictions, OS level security, servers only accessible behind firewall or SSH with private key encryption. We also have Cyber and PI Insurance to protect our business and our customers. All these security and privacy features will help to support your HIPAA and 21CFR11 compliance efforts.

You own the data you collect. And, unlike some other software providers, CLIRINX will never analyze, share or sell the data you collect using the CLIRINX software.

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